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The Weight Of The Carbon Bike Is Very Light
May 27, 2017

Carbon bicycles are mainly in the high-end competition with bicycles, as a new material, carbon fiber is mainly used in the frame (carbon frame), fork, wheel group (carbon knife circle) and so on.

Carbon frame is characterized by "light, Carbon Bike good steel, good impact absorption", but, charge

The excellent performance of the carbon fiber is not so easy to technically, and the quality difference between the carbon fiber material manufacturers is also large. Bicycle manufacturers take into account the cost of the problem, Carbon Bike it is unlikely that the use of high-grade carbon fiber to create the frame. Although there are some practical problems, but the carbon fiber frame or other materials do not have the advantage, you can create 8,9kg or so light bikes, this carbon fiber light bike, slope can best reflect its advantages, smooth slope And straightforward. And not like some light aluminum alloy frame, when climbing feel a pull back the power.

Carbon fiber is used as a high-tech material on bicycles for the last ten years. Strictly speaking, carbon fiber is not a simple carbon element, Carbon Bike but the carbon element after weaving processing using epoxy resin stick and reinforcement of a mixture.

Carbon bike materials have the following characteristics: 1. Very light weight: about 1200 grams of carbon fiber road rack has been everywhere. As the quality of carbon is only 1.6 g / cm3, so the production of about 1 kg of the frame is not a dream.

Absorption impact performance is good. Carbon fiber can effectively absorb vibration, and maintain good rigidity. Carbon Bike This feature makes it a good competitive grade material.

You can create a variety of shapes of the frame. And the general metal frame manufacturing process is not the same, carbon fiber frame is generally the first production of mold, and then pay on the mold carbon fiber, and finally with epoxy resin for bonding. This process can be made using aerodynamics of the very small frame.

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