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The Value Of The Carbon Wheel
Aug 02, 2017

In the video broadcast on the Big ring, you can see that the drivers use the top tube tires, such as carbon wheels, while they are found, but they are extremely rare. In the civilian circle, many manufacturers claim that the carbon knife can significantly save your power and improve your performance.

Is this the value of the carbon wheel? is its value worthy of its price?

The chat between the friends of the car will be pulled to upgrade the equipment, and many times the topic will always transfer to the upgrade of the wheel group. In fact, Carbon Wheels more and more fans feel that changing a pair of wheels is better than changing a kit or something else to improve their athletic performance. There is an inappropriate analogy: Many enthusiasts feel that the wheel group of a road car is the engine of a car.

The performance of the major round plants has been booming over the past decade, and I guess it's not unrelated to the many drivers ' impulsive escalation of the wheel group. Carbon Wheels The market for the carbon fiber wheel at the top of the pyramid has been particularly significant. They claim to be able to save time and power considerably, helping drivers get better grades-as if you had to change a pair of carbon knives and your car would be loaded with nitrogen acceleration. In this respect, the carbon wheel's "cost-effective" is really quite high. Carbon Wheels In particular, the high-end market is almost saturated now, the cheaper carbon fiber wheel group has begun to compress the aluminum alloy wheel group's living space. I don't know if the aluminum wheel will be like aluminum frame, by the market gradually compressed to the bottom until fade out, but I don't think there is no chance. 15 years ago, Carbon Wheels the drivers agreed that the carbon fiber frame could not be popularized on a large scale because carbon fiber materials were too expensive to prove performance and unreliable in the competition. But now ... The world's top lightweight obermayer, the same top price

According to the market, the important value of the carbon fiber wheel is its lightweight weight and better aerodynamics. The lightweight advantages of carbon fiber are well known. Carbon Wheels And the wide-body process of the wheel group started by the major manufacturers has also strengthened its aerodynamics. The middle of the 90 's campagnoloshamal frame high 40mm, the weight of 1980g, was considered to be incredibly high. Now, over 50mm, the weight of the carbon wheel Group is almost no more than 1500g.

Carbon fiber has only one color, but different carbon fiber arrangement can get different appearance

Another advantage of carbon fiber is that it can be molded into various shapes through mold precision. With the help of Hydrodynamics model, computer simulation and real wind tunnel test, Carbon Wheels the shape of the carbon wheel can achieve the limit of the factory's ability. Publicity breaking wind and wind resistance is now the main direction of carbon marketing, and these capabilities can be sorted by quantitative data, so before the decision to purchase, users can be very intuitive comparison of the various models of the air resistance and other performance.