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The Road Bike Is A Sports Equipment
May 27, 2017

Road bike is a sports equipment, road bike is a hobby, road bike hobby is a burden, road bike ride has too many tips, tuning depends on a wealth of experience, Road Bike if you are interested in joining the road circle, Want to start a road bike, then at least know how to buy a road bike. Mainly in the following three areas:

1. I want to buy a road bike, what kind of car is called a road bike?

How to buy a suitable for their own road bike?

① Road Bike reasonable geometric design

Highway due to low riding on the vehicle itself, the geometric requirements of the very high, incorrect body geometry and size is very easy to cause personal injury, and often this injury will be considered after the fatigue symptoms of exercise, so you find Regret it is late

② Road Bike 700c wheel diameter, 30c below the fetal diameter

700c wheel diameter is a follow the standard, Road Bike and 30c below the tire diameter to ensure that the pavement on the road enough low roller resistance.

③ bend the handle

Road Bike The purpose of the bend design is to ensure that the rider can use low-resistance attitude, and allows the rider to carry out a variety of posture conversion.

④ brake one handle (hand change)

Hand change is a milestone in the development of road bicycles, so that the rider in the speed of action when the reduction, fingers do not have to leave the bend, to avoid operational errors lead to accidents. Hand change since 2003 has become the basic configuration of modern road bicycles.

⑤ Road Bike self-locking foot

No self-locking fixed, a lot of technical moves can not be completed - such as rocking and low posture downhill. And the dog's mouth is fixed and disengaged too time-consuming, Road Bike in the open environment of the road race is likely to cause danger. So it is the road bike must be equipped.

2. How big should I buy?

① Road Bike For normal people, the simplest height and the corresponding relationship between the frame is a certain, and the proportion of the body fine-tuning, is to rely on the seat and the legislation to carry out.

The basic attributes that measure the size of the frame are the equivalent center to center length and the center to top length, among which the upper tube is the most direct and important data. Due to the promotion of the compression frame, many manufacturers are not directly on the level of tube length marked the size of the frame, but the use of labels or riser to mark. In the consideration of the frame, Road Bike you must check the official website geometric information to obtain the size of the size of the tube data.

③ Road Bike The following is the height and frame size reference, because the manufacturers frame level on the tube settings are different, so only give the range options. The specific geometry of each model can be found in the product website, if the official website even geometric are not found, it is recommended to give up the brand.

<160cm: it is recommended to wait a long high ... ... or only choose a special children's road bike.

161-165cm: recommended first long high ... ... must buy, Road Bike the level of the tube can be 49-51cm, you can also choose 650c products, but a lot of trouble

166-170cm: 50.5-52 level recommended on the use of the frame, the maximum does not exceed 52.5cm

171-175cm: the proposed use of 52-53 level on the tube frame, the maximum does not exceed 53.5cm

176-180cm: recommended 53-55.5cm frame, the maximum does not exceed 56cm

181-185cm: It is recommended to use 55.5-57.5cm frame, the maximum does not exceed 58cm

186-195cm: It is recommended to use 57.5-59cm frame, the maximum does not exceed 59.5cm

> 195cm: If you can not use 59.5-60cm around the frame, you probably need to customize a car ... ... on the level of more than 60cm on the finished product frame is very rare.