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The International Latest Technology Development Of Steel Wheels Industry
Mar 10, 2017

In recent years, the international steel wheel manufacturing in the iron and steel industry and machinery manufacturing industry with the assistance of, a series of innovations in technology, has made ground-breaking progress has ability to compete fully with aluminum wheels, while international auto industry under enormous cost pressures begin to reassess the steel wheels and alloy wheel value. Are of great importance, in recent years, America's big three car companies will be standard on many models sold by aluminum wheel adjustment for steel wheels, for example: DaimlerChrysler 2000 years after the launch of the company's pickup truck Dodge Ram 1500/2500/3500 steel wheels became standard has been configured; Ford's F-150 Lariat pickup and Lincoln NavigatSUV, Accuride steel wheels company and Lacks the new technology; Nissan Pickup sold in North America Titan, TOPY is used in the production of deep drawing of high tension steel wheels 2004 GM production base of Detroit announced its original plan allocation of 2 million aluminum wheels made of high strength steel steel wheel replacement. For the international steel industry is very encouraging.