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Situation Of Supply And Demand Of Chinese Passenger Car Steel Wheels
Mar 10, 2017

Production capacity limitations. Domestic passenger car production capacity is concentrated in East China, Guangzhou, and Chongqing in the Northeast region. A single low value steel wheels for passenger cars, is not conducive to long distance transport. Meanwhile, because of passenger car steel wheels industry is capital-and technology-intensive industry, which hampered the large-scale entry of private capital. Current domestic production of passenger car steel wheel small-scale enterprises and small-batch production with the international wheel manufacturer's mass and mass production formed a sharp contrast, productivity there is a huge difference. Product quality and technical capacity constraints. Equipment limitations. International wheel technology industry is developing rapidly. Car wheel materials, for example, the strength of steel from the 80 's 240Mpa-350Mpa, develops today 600Mpa 800Mpa have even begun to study applications of DP and TRIP steels.