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Road Bikes Meet People's Different Pursuits
Jul 11, 2017

The function of Highway bicycle and the supplement of its classification

In addition to the well-known transport function, road bikes have many other functions: for example, travel, fitness, sports, competitions, performance, work and so on. And the types of road bikes, apart from our common ordinary road bikes, can also be mainly divided into: road bike, Site Road bike, three race/time race road bike, mountain road bike, speed down road bike, travel road bike, cross-country road vehicle, double/multi-person road bike, folding car, electric road bike, small wheel. Different specific features and characteristics of different road bikes: Road bikes are used on smooth road surfaces, the design of road bikes is more high speed, often using lower-bend handles that can reduce wind resistance, the narrower high gas pressure-resisting tire, the higher the retaining position; The field road bike is used for a road bike in an extremely smooth oval circuit with no brakes (brakes), no transmissions, and no reversible flywheel; three races/ A road bike used in three races and timed races, the biggest feature of the three races and the timing races is that the traction airflow is not allowed; Mountain bikes are specially designed for off-road (hilly, footpath, wilderness and sandy Gravel road). Designed for riding in mountainous areas, usually with the transmission can be changed to save labor or fast gear, some will be installed in the frame shock absorbers, part of the tire tread is chocolate tread to facilitate on the pavement on the road to ride Speed down road bike, also known as Downhill road bike. English abbreviation DH. The rider uses a specially-made DH road bike to glide on the hillside, or even mount a mountain to seek stimulation; The road bike is developed by road bikes, suitable for ultra long distance self-sufficient travel, Road Bike and has a more comfortable and relaxed frame geometry design, able to load, have a very low minimum gear, use a wider tire; Off-Road road cars are developed by road bikes, and riders use sturdy road frames and wheels, with stronger brakes and wide tires, and foot pedals on mountain bikes. Off-Road road vehicles can achieve a high speed on the highway, but also have a certain cross-country ability; a double/multi-person road bike is also known as a cooperative vehicle, which is coordinated by two or more people and is controlled by the first position. Folding cars are designed for easy carrying and loading of vehicles, and public transport such as railways and aviation in some places allow passengers to carry road bikes that can be folded and combined with bags; electric road bikes are powered by half of electricity and powered by half of the human environment. Road bikes can automatically detect the condition of the feet when necessary, with appropriate power-assisted stepping, automatic regulation of power; small Wheel (CYCLINGBMX) a road bike dedicated to extreme sports, which has been modified to make it more suitable for stunts such as lighter-weight bodies, no brakes, and 360° rotations.

In a word, all kinds of road bikes greatly satisfy people's different pursuits and needs.

Road bikes are used on highways, Road Bike brakes are v-brakes, dead fly is a fancy game, but because of the fun those people will ride on the road.

The real road bike is the ring law professional race car now the highest speed shift gear is 22, the dead fly is actually the field road bicycle branch, resembles the single speed road bicycle but the rear flywheel can only be able to move forward, does not have the brake. In addition, Road Bike the road bike does not have a road bike on the ground, but the ring method has the team to ride a single speed field competition AH.

The price of the entry road bike.

From the price point of view, within 10,000 of the road, all belong to the entry-level highway. 30,000 of the road must be better than 3,000 of the road, but 3,500, not necessarily better than 3,000. So when buying an entry-level road, you need to do what you have to do without pursuing the "overly good" entry grade highway. After all, the entry road is only a transitional product, Road Bike as long as it can achieve the role of the entry road. However, this does not mean that the capital is plentiful, but also can use the top road to do "Getting Started". You don't know what kind of road bike is better for you before you play a road bike. There are different differences between people and people, and there are different preferences. The starter car is designed to find this preference and lay a solid foundation for your next move to buy or even top road bikes. Therefore, Road Bike do not pay too much attention to the price, 2000 of the road bike or 5000 of the road bike, as long as it can achieve this goal, money is not white.

But if you don't get the money you need for a minimum starter car, you don't have to think about "how to make more money on the road bike" but on "how to earn more." In the Chinese perspective, the strange "civil beam change Road" even the most basic correct riding posture can not be maintained, long-term use of the user's body damage.