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Road Bikes Are Very Lightweight
Aug 02, 2017

Road bikes, mountain bikes and recreational bicycles form the three categories of bicycles. China's road cycling started late, with the mountain bike market in the first place, but with the popularity of road cycling, the market has been expanding. As a bicycle vehicle, it refers to a bicycle vehicle that is used on road surfaces (or man-made hardened roads, or gravel) and can be used for road cycling competitions. Road Bike In order to speed up the ride, the body weight is lighter and the wind resistance is smaller. As a sporting event, it means a road cycling race.

Characteristics of road Bikes

1, tires are narrower than ordinary bicycles, and the tire pressure can reach 100-200psi (pounds per square inch) above, so in the course of the rolling resistance and mountain car compared to a lot of small.

2, the tooth ratio of the disc and the flywheel (that is, the tooth number ratio) is very big, Road Bike the general road bicycle tooth ratio can reach 53:11 or even higher.

3, today's highway bicycles widely used a new type of materials, such as titanium alloy, carbon fiber, high-grade aluminum alloy materials and so on, so the weight of the road bike is very light, can reach 5kg below, but the international custom of the car must not be less than 6.8kg.

4, tires commonly used a very hard material, Road Bike easy to athletes exerting force. This is very different from a mountain bike. Because road bikes are riding on roads with better road conditions, there is no need to think too much about absorbing vibrations, like the latter. Road Bike Because of the above characteristics, riding a road bike is much faster than riding a regular bike in the same situation.

In general, a road bike should use a bend (horn) or a note-time (horns), with a variable speed function. After the range is very small, the large number of teeth. The market is usually two tablets, the recent trend of 3 films. Road bikes pay attention to the speed, the pursuit of lightweight. Road Bike The braking system of a road bike is a very old clamp, with only one fixed shaft. Mountain bikes Generally use 26 of the wheel, the tires are wider, usually with damping systems and variable speed systems. The range of gear ratio of mountain bike is larger, It is easy to climb mountains and downhill. The mountain bike has a high demand for strength. The first mountain bike uses a suspended braking system, and the V-brakes that appear later provide better braking performance, Road Bike the best braking system now is the disc brake, or disc brake, that is introduced from the motorcycle. Mountain bikes usually use 3 discs. Mountain bikes are usually made of straight and swallow. In terms of the difference, the road bike is usually slender (more robust in recent years based on aerodynamics), And the mountain bike is quite strong. The frame angle of the mountain bike is very exquisite, and the angle of the road bicycle is similar. The mountain bike has a sturdy axle, Road Bike and the axle of the road bicycle is more exquisite. Mountain bikes usually have tires of more than 1.9 "(1.5 on special tracks)", while the tires of a road bike are more than 20 millimeters wide. In fact, road bikes and mountain biking are similar in structure, and the difference is still large.