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Road Bike Must Be Equipped
Jun 27, 2017

Several factors determine the price of the entry road bike, the basic in 2400 yuan or so. The price you can choose Giant OCR3300, Merida R903 or XDS RX310, in this price range of different brands of entry-level road bike, the overall configuration is probably the same, if somewhere higher than other models, usually other locations will appear low with The

But after the road bike, you can not come to a walk on the trip, want a safe, efficient riding, a large number of ancillary equipment is essential. Safe riding three-piece: helmet, gloves, riding pants.

Riding gloves must also be prepared equipment, after wearing, to avoid sweat and hand change rubber jacket contact caused by aging rubber problems occur, the palm of the position of the pad to play a certain role in the shock (measured negligible), in the event of a fall Car, the palm of the internal leather, Road Bike but also reduce the chance of scratching the palm of your hand. Need to pay attention to the road bike ride can not use the use of other gloves instead, riding gloves for the special design, tiger mouth position suture after the move, the use of ordinary gloves riding a bike, will be due to tiger mouth pressure caused by pain (personal experience) The

Although most of the riding enthusiasts do not like riding pants (price, appearance of many factors), but in fact the importance of riding pants no less than riding helmets, and must buy you can buy the most expensive That kind of. Due to the special cycling of the road bike, Road Bike it is easy to make oppression of the perineum when riding, and the pants can effectively relieve the pressure.

Although the pump is not safe equipment, but also the necessities of the road bike. It should be noted that the road bicycle tires generally use the design of the mouth (because of good air tightness), and in use need to hit a higher tire pressure 110 ~ 120PSI (about 8 atmospheric pressure, about twice the mountain road) , So you must choose a high pressure nozzle with a barometer to ensure that you can hit enough pressure. Riding a bicycle bike must hit enough, otherwise the pressure to the small stones or other foreign body can be puncture (and we usually the opposite of the impression, playing enough to not puncture puncture).

1, code table. For the road bike, the code table can be counted on the necessities of the ride. It allows you to keep track of the current speed, reasonable experience distribution, especially in the long straight slope, you can avoid the accident caused by too fast (of course it will not remind, you have to see). It is advisable for the user to choose a code table with a stepping function to maintain the most efficient power output during cruise (depending on individual ability, the flat cruise should be kept at 90 to 110 beats per minute). If possible, Road Bike the best choice can be connected to the heart rate of the code table, at any time control the heart rate, to avoid prolonged anaerobic exercise lead to physical overdraft (burst cylinder phenomenon) occurred. As for the current popular GPS code table, due to relatively short battery life (usually only to meet the single-day long-distance ride), and the price is more expensive, it is not recommended entry and user use.

2, tail package. Road bike is not designed for picnic, because there is no shelves and supply vehicles, out of essential tools and supplies to carry, you must consider the issue. Although you can use the backpack, but the back in the body did not bring comfort in the car, not to mention the backpack is not suitable for road cycling, you can only choose to use the tail package to hold some tools and necessities. On the tail package, it is recommended to choose the largest purchase, it is best to bring the function, after all, most of the time, Road Bike your tools and supplies all rely on him to carry.

3, inner tube. Although you will go out every time before the pressure to play enough, but often walking in the river, it is inevitable that not wet shoes, riding more will inevitably hit the first puncture. As the road bike tire pressure is higher, make up the tires in the use of very prone to secondary rupture, so the road bike tube is a one-time, burst directly on the new tires, it is recommended that you go out or back a tube, possession Not a lot of space, but it can be critical in the critical moment (a trip twice burst of fetal, it is recommended to save the population, and then on the tire, car, tire pad to conduct a comprehensive inspection).

4, plastic pry bar. Also prepared to solve the puncture problem, road bicycles generally use aluminum ring or carbon ring, in order to avoid brutal operation damage the rim, it is recommended to use plastic pry rods, easy to use and light.

5,16 g carbon dioxide cylinder and special gas nozzle. Road bike tires, although relatively pressure, but the need for higher tire pressure, after the replacement of tires, Road Bike the cheer became a trouble. Common portable pump due to the small size and travel, usually about 500 under the air to play enough, if you are a person travel, I am afraid that a child will be tired than riding a tired. In order to be able to enjoy the ride more easily, we can use 16g carbon steel cylinders and supporting the special gas nozzle to inflate the tires, a single inflatable cost of about 6 to 8 yuan, in exchange for the price is to allow you to 3 ~ 10 seconds (thunder of the mouth of the mouth soon, Topek's will be slower) within the effortlessly enough to play enough. It should be noted that when using carbon dioxide to inflate, the cylinder must be wrapped with a glove in the palm of the package to avoid the rapid release of the gas when the fingers are frozen.

6, commonly used hex wrench. Novice riding, because the car has not yet fully run, go out when the need to seat height, seat position and handlebar angle and other adjustments, in order to make your ride more comfortable, it is recommended to bring two commonly used Hex wrenches (usually 4mm and 5mm sizes) to facilitate the adjustment of the desired position when needed.

7, supplies. Road bike ride is a very laborious thing, Road Bike long time you do not only need to add water, but also need to add electrolytes, carbohydrates and salt and so on. Conditional circumstances, it is recommended that you still bring Shi Li frame, energy glue, salt pills, effervescent tablets and other supplies, so that when the blood sugar is too low or the phenomenon of spasm, the timely replenishment of the state.

8, lock shoes lock. Strictly speaking, lock shoes lock is actually the necessities of the road riding, which is why many riders called it "human rights" the main reason. Reasonable use of lock shoes lock, can make your pedal produced a multiplier increase (after locking can lift work, climbing experience is extremely obvious), to avoid the car, high tram frequency output and bumpy road pedal Feet and other accidents occurred. But the reason why the lock shoe lock on the last, because the initial lock, due to the use of habits to change and adjust the problem (lock too tight) may be "zero-speed throw (in the absence of speed crashed) The phenomenon.