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Road Bike For Road Bike Race
Aug 24, 2017

The biggest feature of the road bike is the vehicle light, wind resistance is small, because it is designed for road bike racing, road bike as a racing special car, or deeply attracted each bike enthusiasts.

Highway bicycles commonly known as "road car". Road bikes, mountain bikes and recreational bicycles. In the Chinese road bike started late, to mountain bike market in the first place, Road Bike but with the popularity of road cycling, the market continues to expand. When used as a bicycle, it refers to a bicycle used on road pavement (or man-made hardened roads, or gravel roads) and can be used for road bike races. Road Bike In order to achieve high speed riding, body weight lighter and less wind resistance. As a sporting event, it refers to the road bike race.

Road bike features

1, tires narrower than ordinary bike tires, and tire pressure can reach more than 100-200psi, so the rolling process in the rolling resistance and mountain bike compared to a lot of small.

2, the tooth plate and the flywheel tooth ratio (that is, the ratio of teeth) is very large, Road Bike the general road bicycle ratio can reach 53:11 or even higher.

3, today's road bicycles widely used new materials, such as titanium, carbon fiber, high-grade aluminum alloy materials, etc., so the weight of the road bike is very light, Road Bike can reach 5kg the following, but the international self-provided car must not be less than 6.8 Kg.

Very hard material, easy for athletes force. This is very different from the mountain bike. Because the road bike is in the road is better than the road riding, Road Bike so do not need the same as the latter, too much to consider the issue of vibration shock. Due to the above characteristics, with the same rider's case, riding a bicycle bike much faster than riding an ordinary bike.

There are many definitions of road bicycles, generally referred to as road bikes (or artificial hardening roads, or gravel road) on the use of bicycle models can be used for road bike race. Road Bike In order to achieve high speed riding, body weight lighter and less wind resistance.