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Parameters Of Skateboard Wheels
Mar 10, 2017

Skateboard wheels are usually clean polyurethane material, polyurethane wheels have different proportions, the hardness of the wheel are different. Hardness 85A (a mean hardness) wheel is soft, suitable for rough road glide, when sound is extremely small, like pedal Board shop friends is a good choice. 85A wheels, since soft comparisons are not wearable, and did moves like skid brakes are easy to layer break interval. Riders now uses 97A-103A wheels. This hardness wheels suitable for polished marble and a flat surface, but also for u-pool, jumping and other props. 85A wheels at the smooth, there is no sound. Transparent or translucent round no 103A, too hard, there burst, is best used on a prop made of all WOOD materials.