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Iron And Steel Industry To Get Involved In Wheel Manufacturing
Mar 10, 2017

Currently, the global market for steel wheels OEM steel consumption is about 4 million tons a year, car wheel of consumption is around 1.5 million tons of steel. In China, the 2004 steel wheel industry overall steel consumption is approximately 360,000 tons, with consumption about 100,000 tons of steel wheels for passenger cars. According to the development prospects of China's automotive industry speculated that by 2010, national wheels OEM steel consumption is expected to be up to 600,000 tons, of which 300,000 tons of steel wheels for passenger cars, truck and bus wheels of 300,000 tons of steel. Car wheels, as a niche market, fierce competition in steel and aluminium materials, has aroused the concern of the world steel industry. In the past more than 20 years, steel shares fell to 40-50% from 90%, a certain degree of damage to world iron and steel industry.