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International Competition In The Wheel Industry Trends
Mar 10, 2017

Materials used in auto manufacturing, "battle for steel and aluminium", the wheel is especially prominent this security components, mainly in the field of passenger car wheel, and gradually expanded to the field of commercial vehicle wheels. The early 80 's, 90% wheels of steel as a raw material in the world, but by 2003, aluminum wheels share soared to 60%. China's situation is even worse, some raw steel in foreign countries as standard models, to China to switch to aluminum as a standard configuration. SAIC, for example in 2004, SAIC cars had steel-wheel configuration is only 30%, 1/5 configure steel wheel of passenger cars, 4/5 car configuration for aluminum wheels. In 1997, JD Power Associates research shows that 1997 major European car manufacturer to steel as a standard configuration for around 77% in North America average about 65%, Japan averaged about 60%. Just two years later, the specific findings of a research institution in the UK, in cars sold in 1999 in the UK market, steel rotation for the standard model accounts for only 46%.