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Highway Bikes Ride Fast
Aug 14, 2017

Road bikes, commonly known as "road cars." As a bicycle vehicle, it refers to a bicycle vehicle that is used on road surfaces (or man-made hardened roads, or gravel) and can be used for road cycling competitions. In order to speed up the ride, the body weight is lighter and the wind resistance is smaller. As a sporting event, Road Bike it means a road cycling race.

Road bikes and common bikes and a lot of similarities, they are made of lightweight steel, aluminum, titanium, or carbon fiber, which consists of a downward-curving handlebar, a thin but pressure-resistant tyre and a narrow seat cushion, while a road bike is fitted with a brake and a gearbox consisting of eight gears.

Road cycling is the athlete from the ground, along the road ride, Road Bike the first to reach the destination winner.

The characteristics of road bikes are

1. Tires are narrower than ordinary bikes, and the tire pressure can reach 100psi (pounds per square inch), so the friction during driving is much smaller than that of mountain bikes.

2. The tooth ratio of the flywheel to the tooth plate (the ratio of teeth number) is very large, the general road bicycle tooth ratio can reach 53:11 or even higher.

3. Today's road bikes are widely used in new materials, such as titanium alloy, carbon fiber, high-grade aluminum alloy materials and so on, so the weight of the road bike is very light, Road Bike generally about 8kg~9.5kg.

4. The use of very hard materials, easy to athletes exerting force. This is very different from a mountain bike. Because road bikes are riding on roads with better road conditions, there is no need to think too much about absorbing vibrations, like the latter.

Because of the above characteristics, road bike riding speed is much faster than ordinary bicycles. Ordinary enthusiasts after a little training, Road Bike generally can reach one hours ride 35-kilometer Ping Road level. An excellent road cyclist can maintain an average of 40 to 50-kilometer hours per hour on a long road ride on a well ground road.