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Carbon Wheels Can Provide Aerodynamic Advantages
Aug 24, 2017

Cheyou chat will always pull the equipment and equipment upgrades, and often the topic will always be transferred to the wheel group upgrade. In fact, more and more fans feel that for a pair of wheels than to change the package or change anything else to improve their own athletic performance. There is an inappropriate example: a lot of enthusiasts that the road car wheel group is the car engine.

The performance of the major rounds has been thriving in the past decade, and I guess it is not unrelated to many drivers' impulsive upgrades. The expansion of the carbon wheel market at the top of the pyramid is particularly pronounced. They can be known to save time and power, Carbon Wheels to help the driver get better results - as long as a pair of carbon knife, your car was fitted with nitrogen to accelerate. In this regard, the carbon wheel "cost" is really quite high. Especially the high-end market is almost saturated now, Carbon Wheels more affordable carbon fiber wheel sets have begun to compress down the aluminum alloy wheel group living space. I do not know the aluminum wheel will not be the same as the aluminum frame, the market gradually compressed to the bottom until the fade, but I think there is no chance. 15 years ago, the drivers are that carbon fiber frame can not be large-scale popular, because the carbon fiber material is too expensive, not in the competition to prove performance, unreliable. but now……

According to market promotion, the important value of the carbon wheel is its very light weight and better aerodynamic performance. The advantages of lightweight carbon fiber are well known. Carbon Wheels And the major manufacturers have started the process of broadening the group also further strengthen its aerodynamic characteristics. The mid-90s CampagnoloShamal box height 40mm, weight is 1980g, was already considered to be incredible height. And now, more than 50mm high carbon wheel group weight are almost no more than 1500g.

Another advantage of carbon fiber is that it can be precisely molded into various shapes by means of molds. In the fluid mechanics model, computer simulation and real wind tunnel test with the help of carbon wheel shape can be the limits of the ability of manufacturers. Propaganda and wind resistance are the main direction of the current carbon wheel marketing, and these capabilities can be sorted by quantitative data, Carbon Wheels so before the decision to buy, users can be very intuitive to compare the air resistance and other performance of the wheel.

The use of carbon fiber to make wheels and even carbon wheels can achieve a very high rigidity to weight ratio. We all know the characteristics of the carbon fiber frame: it can be very hard in one direction, very high rigidity. Carbon wheels are usually very rigid, so that the number of spokes required can be reduced.

Carbon fiber wheel sets compared to the carbon frame and other parts, the material requirements are more stringent, the top carbon wheel will be a lot of use of M40 above the level of carbon fiber to lift the rigidity, and generally more sought after carbon wheel is basically the world of T800. At the same time, Carbon Wheels the carbon wheel is relatively less intensive.

Carbon wheels can provide aerodynamic advantages, but in a complex wind direction, it may significantly affect the vehicle's control. Obviously this wheel application range is relatively narrow. In addition, manufacturers tend to promise a group of wheels can reduce the number of resistance, Carbon Wheels but the claimed value is not universal. Many wheels have a minimum drag between 10 ° and 15 °, and once the wind is out of this range - for example, you turn a bend - the wind resistance may suddenly become larger, which can also cause distress on the control. I do not doubt the authenticity of the wind tunnel test and the validity of the aerodynamics.

Carbon wheel braking performance and reliability have begun to catch up with aluminum wheel. However, a long continuous brake may still lead to failure of the brake side, especially the brake side of the carbon side opening wheel group - the professional player will not be so brakes, Carbon Wheels there is a certain experience of the amateur drivers will not be so brakes, but most of the ordinary People have been accustomed to containing the brake downhill, especially in the long and steep kind of slope.

Some users want a group of top carbon round to improve the grade of the whole car, so that cars become better look, this is a value to achieve.