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Carbon Wheel Is More In Line With The Characteristics Of Aerodynamics
Jun 27, 2017

Select the box high high carbon fiber wheel group, more in line with aerodynamics and light and fast is its characteristics. However, because the carbon fiber frame is hand-laminated carbon fiber cloth, and after shaping, heating and baking made, so the choice of the flexibility of the screen and the drum is relatively limited, thus increasing the difficulty of the process and maintenance. This also makes it possible to say that once the carbon fiber frame is damaged, the possibility of maintenance is almost zero. Carbon Wheels Even if the carbon fiber wheel is difficult to repair the inherent problems, but it is light and fast it is unparalleled advantages, and therefore knights in the upgrade group, the carbon wheel is still the best choice. Simply said, carbon wheel for a good, Carbon Wheels did not worry about speed.

Now you have to master the characteristics of carbon, aluminum wheel group, as to how you choose a matter of opinion, after all, this must consider your riding type and upgrade requirements. To be sure, for a group of good wheel is the most sexy upgrade in the bike, while optimizing the equipment performance and ride experience. In addition, it is undeniable that the round is usually better looking, so that you are more confident against the unknown road, which is more or less is the placebo effect, the other aspects of life is not the case. To this end, invest more money to buy a group of carbon wheel quasi-correct. And aluminum wheel has always been inexpensive features, it is suitable for leisure knights used in all kinds of riding. But if it is the pursuit of continuous breakthrough knight, Carbon Wheels carbon wheel is not only light and fast, but also has a light and direct sense of the road. Want a better air force advantage, high-box carbon wheel can make you run faster; but the relative, because the higher frame is more vulnerable to the impact of crosswind, Carbon Wheels the Cavaliers will need better control techniques to control it.

How does the carbon wheel of a road car play a role in breaking the wind?

First of all, why use carbon, weight, rigidity than excellent, and then one is the carbon fiber thing is made out of the mold, and aluminum are aluminum out of pressure, so theoretically carbon round is more than aluminum to round. The problem of turbulence caused by turbulence is solved by high frame design. 24-25mm wide tires proved to be the smallest width of the rolling resistance, if the rim and the tread width of the gap is too large there will be stripping the airflow layer. The carbon wheel is lighter so that it can be made wider, Carbon Wheels so the fat ring appears. Zipp in order to be able to dig a lot more holes in the rim, like a golf ball, but also reduce the design of the wind resistance. There is also the need to reduce the number of spokes through carbon fiber spokes.