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Carbon Wheel Has A Light And Direct Sense Of The Road
May 27, 2017

Carbon rounds are light and are now available on each side of the market, and carbon wheels are tailored to suit different riding needs: climbing, timekeeping, road races and so on. However, no matter how the classification of the wheel group, the most mainstream of the two major materials for the aluminum and carbon fiber. So, whether you want to try the bike or triathlon sport, Carbon Wheels when you buy a wheel group you first have to consider is: carbon wheel, aluminum wheel, how to choose? Aluminum alloy wheel group characteristics Aluminum alloy is the most popular wheel group material, it is easy to produce, easy to repair the characteristics, but also makes the aluminum wheel into the entry vehicle standard wheel group, maybe you bought a few years ago entry The car is filled with aluminum wheels. Basically, Carbon Wheels the aluminum wheel frame height is relatively low, which also means that when you go out riding halfway puncture, put on the inner tube regardless of the length of the mouth is no problem. Standing in the producer's point of view, to manufacture aluminum wheels is relatively simple - free optional frame, strip and hub - so the need for the rider to provide a variety of aluminum wheel, of course, including the most close to the people group. But the aluminum wheel is not exhaustive, compared with the carbon wheel, not only in the weight of no competitiveness at all, Carbon Wheels in the air mechanics part is greatly eclipsed, and therefore the aluminum wheel was labeled "relatively slow" label.

Carbon fiber wheel group features: select the box high carbon fiber group, more in line with aerodynamics and light and fast is its characteristics. However, because the carbon fiber frame is hand-laminated carbon fiber cloth, and after shaping, heating and baking, so in the choice of the flexibility of the screen and the drum is relatively limited, thus increasing the difficulty of the process and maintenance. Carbon Wheels This also causes the possibility of maintenance to be almost zero once the carbon fiber frame is damaged. Even if the carbon fiber wheel is difficult to repair the inherent problem, but it is light and fast it is unparalleled advantages, and therefore the rider in the upgrade wheel group, Carbon Wheels the carbon wheel is still the best choice. Simply put, carbon wheel for a good, speed did not worry.

Carbon wheel production caused by the natural high than many on the aluminum wheel.

Now you have a general grasp of the characteristics of carbon, aluminum wheel group, as to how you choose a matter of opinion, after all, this must consider your riding type and upgrade needs. 1. To be sure, for a group of good wheel is the most sexy upgrade in the bike, while optimizing the equipment performance and riding experience. In addition, it is undeniable that the round is usually better looking, Carbon Wheels so that you are more confident against the unknown road, which is more or less the placebo effect, the other aspects of life is not the case. To this end, investing more money to buy a group of carbon round is right. And aluminum wheel has always been inexpensive features, it is suitable for leisure riding. But if it is the pursuit of continuous breakthrough iron man, carbon wheel is not only light and fast, but also has a light and direct sense of the road.

Want to get better aerodynamic advantages, high box carbon wheel can let you ride faster; but relative, because the higher frame is more likely to be affected by the impact of crosswind, Carbon Wheels rider need better control techniques to control it.