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Carbon Bikes Are Very Popular
Aug 02, 2017

Carbon Bike is the fourth generation of bicycles in the history of the product, also known as the "Black revolution" bicycle, when the word carbon fiber material gradually into our Chinese friends around, because of the price of the reasons, so that most ordinary cyclists avoid far away. But carbon fiber will gradually become the mainstream of bicycle development.

What is carbon fiber:

It is a kind of new fiber material with high strength and higher modulus fiber with carbon content above 95%. It is formed from the axial direction of the organic fibers, Carbon Bike such as flake graphite microcrystalline, and is obtained by carbonization and Graphitization.

The proportion of carbon fiber is only about 1.75, while aluminum is 2.7 and steel is 8.7. Strength? The current carbon fiber can exceed 7000MPa, and steel? The best steel is only 2000MPa. So we can calculate the intensity? The strength of carbon fiber is dozens of times times higher than that of steel! In short, Carbon Bike the carbon fiber composite material than aluminum and steel many times stronger!

With the development of science and technology and People's pursuit of health awareness, bicycles have started to flourish again, the current market carbon bicycles are popular, Carbon Bike but many people know the advantages and disadvantages of carbon bicycles is not enough. Today, with a small series to see the advantages of carbon bicycles for your reference OH.

Carbon bike: frame, front fork, wheel group, etc. mainly carbon fiber as the raw material of bicycles. Mainly in the middle-grade race with bicycles.

Carbon fiber not only has inherent intrinsic characteristics of carbon materials, but also has the soft machinability of textile fibers. It is less than 1/4 of the steel, Carbon Bike but the strength is very strong. and its corrosion resistance is outstanding, is a new generation of reinforced fiber.

Carbon Bike Advantages:

1. Light weight. Carbon fiber is less than 1/4 of the steel, with carbon fiber to make the frame weight is the common alloy frame 1/4.

2. Good impact absorption. Carbon fiber is used to make special springs, etc., which are used in various fields, because it absorbs wallop has excellent performance. Carbon Bike can also be made into a bicycle without a shock absorber.

3. Easy to sculpt. The use of carbon fiber can make various shapes of the frame. As long as the mold on the top of the fiber chip and then into the resin and burned, can be made of various shapes of carbon fiber frame, very convenient.