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Carbon Bikes Are Very Light
Jun 13, 2017

How long does a carbon bike live?

First, you need to understand the level of your carbon frame. Carbon shelves are also divided into hierarchy. Of course, the higher the level, the higher the parameters of each aspect, the service life is about long. Second, how do you use this shelf, if one months cannot ride 2 times each time but Bai Ba kilometer, basically does not have to consider this question. The lifespan of carbon fiber is very much related to the method of using your strength, and there is no accurate value. If it is an amateur, riding a little strength, consider life is not very meaningful. Many carbon shelf damage is not due to the life of the problem, are some accidents, Carbon Bike serious car crash and so on. Seldom see the use of life.

Carbon bikes live 5-10 years. For amateurs, it can take many years.

Carbon bikes are mainly in the middle-grade race with bicycles, as a new material, carbon fiber is mainly used in the frame (carbon frame), fork, wheel group (carbon knife rims) and so on.

Manufacturing Materials: Bicycle materials have been used in the past of chrome-molybdenum steel, Carbon Bike carbon fiber materials and aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber, magnesium and other new materials continue to appear.

Carbon fiber (CFRP)

Carbon fiber not only has inherent intrinsic characteristics of carbon materials, but also has the soft machinability of textile fibers. It is less than 1/4 of the steel, but the strength is very strong. and its corrosion resistance is outstanding, is a new generation of reinforced fiber. Carbon Bike Carbon fiber is widely used in civil, military, construction, aerospace and Supercar fields.

Advantages of carbon fiber frame

Carbon fiber frame is characterized by "light, good steel, good impact absorption", but the full play of the excellent performance of carbon fiber, in the technology does not seem so easy, the quality of the different carbon fiber materials manufacturers are also greater. Bicycle manufacturers are unlikely to use high grade carbon fiber to make the frame, considering the cost. Although the above-mentioned practical problems, but the carbon fiber frame or other material has no advantages, you can make 8, 9kg or so light weight bicycles, Carbon Bike this carbon fiber lightweight bicycle, on the slope when the best embodiment of its advantages, the smooth and straightforward climb. Instead of a light aluminum alloy frame, the slope feels a backward pull force.

(1). Can make light weight frame

The carbon fiber frame is the strength of the carbon fiber stacked in the direction of stress. The carbon bike is very light, which is composed of its density and strong tensile strength.

(2). Good impact absorption

The use of carbon fibers for the movement of disabled people, or special springs, is used in various fields. The use of its absorption impact of excellent performance, Carbon Bike the production of the bicycle without shock. The Elevated frame of the Scott factory is famous. But the difference between the quality of the different manufacturers, and some very hard, so this frame ride after riding to know good or bad.

(3). Can make various shapes of the frame

The basic forming method of carbon fiber is to spread the fiber sheet on the mould and then flow into the resin and burn it. Can be made into various shapes of the frame, such as Trek y frame.

Types of carbon bikes

All carbon: All carbon bicycle accessories using carbon fiber materials.

Semi-carbon: Many bicycles are made of aluminum alloy + carbon fiber. A frame, for example, may use carbon while other parts are aluminum (or the back triangle uses carbon Jon B. I ), the front fork arm uses the carbon fiber, the front fork works aluminum alloy manufacture, such can say is half carbon.

Package Carbon: Some frame, handlebar, put, crank, front fork, sit pole and other accessories, manufacturers with aluminum alloy, and then wrapped in the surface of a layer of carbon cloth, Carbon Bike this is the stuff of carbon.

Relationship between carbon cycling and environment

Carbon fibers contain resins so they can also be said to be acid resistant. But for carbon fiber, the intrinsic factor should be considered, and the possibility of resin aging is present. Carbon fiber bikes should avoid sunlight when not in use, and the temperature of daylight and environment has the greatest impact on it.

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