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Carbon Bike Impact Performance Is Good
Jul 21, 2017

Carbon fiber is used as a high-tech material on bicycles for the last ten years. Strictly speaking, carbon fiber is not a simple carbon element, but the carbon element after weaving processing using epoxy resin stick and reinforcement of a mixture.

Early carbon fiber due to technical reasons, the use of epoxy resin even in the sun decomposition. With the progress of science and technology, this kind of excellent material in the various shortcomings are gradually overcome. For example, the German K-frame uses advanced 16K carbon fiber, Carbon Bike the strength of this carbon fiber even more than steel, and has a lifetime commitment to quality assurance.

In general, carbon bike materials have the following characteristics: 1. Very light weight: about 1200 grams of carbon fiber road frame has been everywhere. As the quality of carbon is only 1.6 g / cm3, so the production of about 1 kg of the frame is not a dream.

2. Carbon Bike Absorb the impact of good performance. Carbon fiber can effectively absorb vibration, and maintain good rigidity. This feature makes it a good competitive grade material.

3. Can produce a variety of shapes of the frame. And the general metal frame manufacturing process is not the same, carbon fiber frame is generally the first production of mold, Carbon Bike and then pay on the mold carbon fiber, and finally with epoxy resin for bonding. This process can be made using aerodynamics of the very small frame.

At present, the main problems of this material are the following two points: 1. Complex stress calculation. Carbon fiber frame is composed of carbon fiber, Carbon Bike which is characterized by strong tensile strength, but the shear strength is weak, the need for complex stress calculation (longitudinal rigidity, transverse rigidity), according to the calculation of carbon fiber sheet overlap molding. In general, the impact of carbon fiber against the surface is quite good, and anti-puncture ability is very poor. That is, you cross the vertical shot does not matter, afraid of the vertical and horizontal vertical shot in the process of encountering one or two sharp stone, Carbon Bike it may not be taken to solve the welding can be.

4. The price is expensive, compared with the titanium alloy, the price of carbon fiber frame has gone beyond, to the top of the price of carbon fiber frame to tens of thousands, and Konac's C40 and C50 price even more than 20,000 yuan. This is mainly because the carbon fiber frame production process requires a lot of manual, Carbon Bike and the high rate of scrap, resulting in a substantial increase in costs.

From the appearance we can easily distinguish the frame. Style is rough, the shape of the wild is the aluminum frame; tube slender, full of sense is the steel frame; and that there is no painting, exudes metallic luster is the titanium frame; carbon fiber surface is covered with a variety of 3D cloth Of the surface, very modern.