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Tricycle wheel how to clean
Mar 10, 2017

Tricycle wheel tricycle is an indispensable part of above, different Trike models, has its own characteristics, and tricycle rims in the production and processing of time, technology is not the same, there are painted and plated two. Daily use easy become dirty, cleaning is inevitable. At the time of use, easy on a lot of dirt above, when cleaning, you can use the cleaning brush to clean, however, to note that cannot cannot use a hard brush, carefully leave obvious traces in the rims, so it can influence the degree of beauty. Electric tricycle rims clean, you can usually use sponges to, many manufacturers will be presented to the user tools, you can follow the instructions for use. Never use a hard thing to clean, still have the same corrosive cleaning agent to clean, care affects the use of steel, appeared a bad situation very carefully.