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Three elements of purchasing car rims
Mar 10, 2017

1, the shape of car rims: car rims shape you can choose simple rims, looks neat, choose those that are complex patterns, when washing the car are not cleaned. 2, and car rims of size: don't easily change car of performance to increased has rims size, car rims must to select right car of tire, or, car of stability will declined, turn of when tire skid, seismic of performance also will declined, comfortable degrees also will reduced, once after Stone Road and it of roadblocks of when, car tire on will very easy damaged or burst tire, blind of select car rims pay of cost will is big. Therefore, it is recommended that you make sure you choose the right car rims. Screw hole 3, car rims cannot pick their favorite, the introduction of professionals listen to steel production plant, to see if the right car.