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Motorcycle wheel cleaning precautions
Mar 10, 2017

Ordinary car tricycle rims good heat dissipation is a basic requirement, basic paint treatment on the process. Many people might think that, since rim good heat dissipation, the increased wheel can improve the car's heat dissipation. In fact, increased car rims, car tyres becomes flat, are thinner, more damping performance is poor, not only have a great impact on comfort, in case of stones, uneven pavement and tires are easily damaged. Used motorcycle rims must pay attention to in the process of cleaning them regularly. Car rims, tires are generally most dirty place dirt quite thick, a lot of people simply direct scrubbing with a brush. And do more harm than good because the brush will probably leave obvious traces in the car rims is affected. When washing, you can place sponge, small, inconspicuous place, can be cleaned with a small brush.