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Demand for aluminum car rims market at home and abroad
Mar 10, 2017

Energy, the environment and safety are the three issues of great concern to countries all over the world, the development and popularization of the auto industry is closely linked to these three issues. With Hyundai Motor rising energy requirements, stricter safety and environmental regulation, lightweight automobile for more urgent. Aluminum alloy light weight, high strength, formability, good, affordable, high recovery rate to reduce vehicle weight, reduce fuel consumption, reduce environmental pollution and improve operational performance is of great importance, has become the auto industry's material of choice. Aluminum alloy car rims average lighter than steel car rims 2kg, when speed of 60km/h oil, 5%-7%, in addition to fast cooling, good damping performance, longer tire life, safe and reliable, the appearance of beautiful, colorful, accurate in size, the balance between the advantages of, and has been widely used in the automobile industry in the West, great development potential.

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