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Brief history of tires
Mar 10, 2017

Later, when the Explorer Christopher Columbus was second in 1493-1496 when exploring a new city, reached the island of Hispaniola in the West Indies, found the local kids playing by the rubber Nugget, it took him by surprise. Later, he put this wonderful stuff back to the motherland, several years later, the rubber has been widely applied, gradually changed from wooden wheels are hard rubber manufacture. But the rubber tires are solid, is not very comfortable to walk, and the noise is great. Until 1845, Scotland-born civil engineer r • w • Thompson invented the pneumatic tire, and the wheels of the carriages and other vehicles modified under the title, received a patent from the British Government. On December 10 of that year the first pneumatic tire was born. Call list first buy a pneumatic tire, as a noble, four tire price a total of 44 pounds two shillings. 1847, science, Thompson pneumatic tires were introduced in the journal American, called it a landmark improvement. However, when the British, too much focus on traditional gentleman, in order to protect the carriage, limiting development of the steam engine, the car's speed is limited to 2mile per hour in the urban area (3.2km), the suburb of 4mile (6.4km). In this way, Thomson's inventions will not have the market and, therefore, are slowly being forgotten.